COVID-19: Risks to Combat

Are Your Controls Still Effectively Managing Your Risks Warren Buffett says “you only see who is swimming naked, when the tide goes out”.  Today, business models are quickly changing, staff are working from home, service delivery is going online and the focus is on response and recovery from COVID-19.  This is distracting attention away from […]

JNW Strategic Consulting’s 2020 Control Focus Tips

1. Governance – oversight of culture and conduct Many senior business people have had their reputations trashed by the Hayne Royal Commission for not “doing the right thing”. Hayne provided many valuable insights and lessons for everyone responsible for the governance of organisations, including these simple business conduct rules: 1. Obey the law;2. Do not […]

JNW Strategic Consulting’s 2019 Risk Landscape

1. Disruption through technology and new operating models Boards need to identify emerging operating models, technological trends and new start-up competitors.  Companies like Uber have transformed long established industries.  It’s time to strategically plan for disruption. 2. Economic slowdown (global instability/political uncertainty) 2019 is likely to bring significant financial insecurity.  The RBA recently said “the […]

ASIC berate boards with APRA/CBA report

Whilst the obligations for board members has not changed, the spotlight is being shone on practices that may have slipped down in agenda priority – oversight of risk, culture, roles and responsibilities and remuneration structures. To ensure a balanced response, JNW recommends that the Executive Team conduct a Self-Assessment HealthCheck against the APRA findings. Ideally […]

Corporate Governance – How to save brand damage and have a happy new year

As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect on what constitutes Good Corporate Governance and challenge everyone, as a resolution for 2018, to ask the hard questions on whether their organisation is doing the right thing! Please enjoy our insights into how to save brand damage. I have also added a little bit of cheeky […]

Tips for Completing a Rate Variation Application

Financial Areas of Focus Local council expert Jeff Webb from JNW Strategic Consulting, who assisted the Essential Service Commission (ESC) with the development of the rate capping framework and is assisting Frankston City Council develop a Service Planning Costing Methodology, recommends all applications needs to be clear on purpose and be financially congruent to both […]

Rate Cap Legislation Now Law

As part of the Minister for Local Government’s Local Government Reform Agenda, one of the main planks of the package, rate capping, has just become law. The Local Government Act Amendment Bill was passed in the Legislative Council and will stop councils raising their rates above a cap, based on the Melbourne Consumer Price Index […]

Water reforms – desal to be turned on

Based on an article published today in the Age by Marc Moncrief and Josh Gordon, it appears likely that Melbourne will access water from the desalination plant in Wonthaggi for the first time.  The persistent drought conditions have led the state government to consider water reforms such as: allocation of 75 gigalitres in Lake Eildon belonging to Melbourne’s […]

Outcomes from the ESC Water Pricing Conference

Over the past two days, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) has hosted a water pricing conference to invigorate discussion around the different models that could be used for pricing water. “Is a regulator in the best position to establish the desired return on assets, or should that be informed by the stakeholders?  I enclose my […]