Conducting Club Governance HealthCheck’s.  This program is an extension to the current AFL Risk Management audit and part of the AFL’s initiative to assist directors, and Clubs, with strengthening their governance frameworks and Club board effectiveness. It is recognised that strong corporate governance at Club level will help strengthen the industry brand and the performance of the Clubs.

To uncover the activities that the Board relies on, and how effectively it operates to meet its governance duties, we have developed an “Eight Dimensions of Club Governance” model.  It seeks feedback from all directors via an online Board Governance Survey.  You can see the model under services/board governance.

The survey covers:

  1. Board Operations
    This assesses how well the Board is functioning against the Eight Dimensions of Club Governance, considering Board composition and duties, Board processes, Board dynamics, strategic direction, risk management, operational oversight, financial reporting and stakeholder engagement.
  2. Board Leadership
    This appraises the President’s influence and effectiveness in managing the Board and Board processes.
  3. Board Member Peer Evaluation – Optional
    This optional section evaluates how directors add value to the Board, including role and responsibilities, preparation and participation and behaviour. The individual director assessment of the behaviour and performance of other directors, facilitates the group identification of each directors contributions and the opportunity for future improvement.

The outcomes of the survey is detailed in a Board Governance Performance Report which provides the Club with a summary of findings, recommended improvements aimed at facilitating a lift in governance capability and provides a snapshot benchmarking maturity assessment against each of the Eight Dimensions of Club Governance (see diagram below).