JNW has deep experience in local government.  Jeff has been involved in the Local Government industry for over 10 years.  Having led the Deloitte Local Council patch for six years, his experience includes providing internal audit and risk services for over six year to councils such as City of Melbourne, Bayside City Council, Surf Coast Shire Council and Kingston City Council.

Local Councils face a convergence of challenges including rate capping, cost shifting, flattening revenues, increasing expenses and a public that is frustrated and becoming disengaged.  This is occurring against a backdrop of rapid population growth, economic uncertainty, technology disruption and environmental challenges.  With upcoming council elections, now is the time to start planning for how your council will face these challenges.

Smart councils will see this as an opportunity to transform the way they deliver services.

JNW’s strategic service value creation model offers a three step systems change process to better prepare for the shifting grounds.  See our March 2016 newsletter for details.

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So what are the emerging Risks?

Emerging RIsks

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