By facilitating strategic clarity, organisations are more likely to be focused for success and be resilient to disruption through anticipation of emerging risks.


JNW believes planning is a major factor in achieving success.  As such we have developed a comprehensive planning methodology which enables business owners/operators to focus on a vision (To, What and How), set the strategic objectives, identify the risks to the successful implementation of the objectives and then map out the necessary foundations needed to ensure the intellectual capital and assets are maximised and enhanced to deliver the strategy, ie structure, marketing plan, operational plan.

Our clients enjoy exploring and stress testing their vision and ideas of where they would like to see their business evolve to. By independently facilitating this process we find it encourages design thinking, both on opportunities and threats to the business model.

Of interest is that in the past strategic planning sessions were formerly done every three years.  Now with the speed of digital disruption, business planning is becoming annual.

JNW has provided strategic advice, including business plans, success roadmaps, strategic resource plans and revenue rating strategies to numerous clients.  Projects delivered include:

Road map