By building service delivery models focused on the Customer, business planning ensures all parts of the business are aligned to enhance the customer experience.



With digital disruption, business models are evolving at an alarming rate. The online world means disruptors pop up quickly, attacking incumbents customer base through use of new world social media. They are successful because they have a clear focus on the customer outcome, without historic processes and cultures holding them back.

Inwardly looking, self serving, siloed businesses are now finding it difficult to compete due to inefficient and ineffective service delivery platforms. If any activity within the delivery chain is not directionalised on adding value to the customer experience, then it is an unwanted overhead reducing profitability.

Consequently, to ensure you remain relevant, constant connection with your customers is essential. JNW has developed customer focused strategic and operational plans for a number of clients. Our experience has found that by making the customer the centre of the business it creates clear value lines, drives a client centric culture and ensures all operations are designed to maximise the customer experience. It also enables clarity around those risks that could impact the successful achievement of the desired service experience.


Customer Focused Service Value Creation Model

We use Design Thinking to holistically examine how all functions within an organisation impact on the customer experience. Our Customer Focused Service Value Creation Model is about creating sustainable value. It focuses on the “Service Experience”, incorporating the strategic goals, existing culture (and maturity to change), the organisations people and the service delivery processes. The basis of the methodology is:


Relevant engagement delivered by JNW include: